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The Week Ahead 05

I'm having issues with my blog posts saving, so I'm posting this blog on Sunday rather than on Monday. Like Whose Line Is It Anyway? and the NFL, the rules are made up and points don't matter here, so oh well.

It's crazy how much has changed in one month. There's a lot of uncertainty ahead of us, but this too will eventually pass. Of course, we need to stay safe and take necessary precautions, but being paralyzed by fear isn't going to do anything except leave you steps behind everyone else who has been working, exercising, and taking action. We will eventually come out of this. Hang in there.

I appreciate seeing local businesses helping out however they can during this time. Shout out to local distillery, J. Rieger & Co for producing sanitizer and helping our community!

We can't all make sanitizer in our bathtubs or ventilators, but at the very least, don't be stupid and stay home when you can. This homie (with some questionable face tats) in Cincinnati was arrested over the weekend for defying stay-at-home orders while narrating a video showing a crowd of people all defying the order. He was quoted saying, "This is how we do it in my city, man. We don't give a f*** about this coronavirus."

Here's a link to the story if you want to check it out.

I know you all are probably watching a lot of TV. Instead of watching The Office for the 10th time, maybe try watching something you haven't seen before. I recently watched the movie Clue (1985) for the first time. I actually thought it was really funny. It's on Amazon Prime Video if you want to stream it.

I've noticed a few recent stories about a rise in virtual in-game photography on a variety of different video games. I've seen everything from street, fashion, landscape, and motorsport photography. This is a pretty cool way to stay involved when you're more or less stuck indoors. So, does this mean I can I write a Xbox off as a business expense? That's probably a stretch, but we'll see if I can talk the wife into it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Martin Lusius created the following video using two 50MP Canon DSLRS. This was the first ever 16K film. I love that he chose to capture praire weather. I can't imagine the amount of work that went into this project and the post-processing involved. Congrats on the awards, Mr. Lusius. Well deserved.

My site isn't letting me embed the video directly. So, here's the link. Check it out. It's awesome.

Don't forget to wash your dirty hands, stay away from the 'Rona, and have a good week!


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