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The Week Ahead 04

Good morning,

Kansas City and the major surrounding counties have issued stay-at-home orders starting on Tuesday. People may leave their homes for essential activities, such as picking up groceries, medicine, or going to work. As of now, this order is in place until Friday, April 24. As bad as this virus is, and as many complications it has caused, there are still some silver linings to the situation.

I found out Ivy League schools are now offering free online courses. Instead of spending more time browsing social media or watching the news 24/7, this could be a good time to spend learning or brushing up on some skills.

There are also several large gym or fitness companies offering free trials for their workout apps. Peloton, Gold's Gym, Planet Fitness, and Nike Training Club to name a few. While having an at-home gym at this time would be awesome, you don't need a whole lot of equipment to stay in shape. Make do with what you have right now. I've built a lot of leg strength in the past just from doing lunges, squats, squat jumps, and running.

If you are looking at workout equipment, check out this "Mirror" personal trainer if you haven't seen it. It's pretty cool.

For those of you who usually work in a shared office setting, maybe this will help cut down on all those meetings that should've been emails. Maybe.

I realize this is a hard time for a lot of us. Many are being laid off from their jobs. Weddings are being postponed. I'm not sure when the next time will be when I can photograph an event. I do know we are all fighting this together and it's important for us to stay positive and appreciate the time, tools, and people we have in our lives.

Stay positive, be supportive of those around you, and have a good week.


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