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May 2020

I haven't completely abandoned this blog. I just can't seem to finish anything that I start writing... A truly terrible habit to start forming. So, here I am with a few updates and some new photos. This coming week, I'll be continuing my weekly blog, The Week Ahead, where I discuss current news, what I'm up to, and anything else I find interesting in the creative and business worlds. For now, here are a few recent updates and some new photos.

On the weekend of the 15th, I was down in Oklahoma City for Street Car Takeover. I stopped by the meetup on Friday night, but since it was raining and people were crowding around each other like it was some sort of COVID version of a chickenpox party, I didn't stay all that long. I also heard rumors that someone in a Mustang caused a wreck (shocker) after leaving the meetup, but haven't seen anything actually confirming that. No, I don't think it was the yellow Mustang with the "Insert Crowd Here" decal on the front bumper, because I saw that car on Saturday also. But seriously, I think I've only seen more Mustangs in one place at the Mid-America Ford meet. I did catch sight of a new GT500 when I arrived on Sunday, but it wasn't around long enough for me to get some photos of it.

Anyway... Enough about Mustangs.

Unfortunately, it rained just enough on Saturday to push the racing to Sunday. Less than ideal as Thunder Valley Raceway Park is a good 30 miles south of Oklahoma City, but at least I was able to stay for a couple hours on Sunday and capture some of the action before my drive back to Kansas City. I actually saw quite a few races in the time I was there, and was able to get a decent amount of shots from around the track. Here are some of the photos I took on Sunday.

Full album:

If you've read my bio, or know much about me, you probably know that I also enjoy shooting. I've entered in a few competitions over the last several years (pistol and rifle), and always run and get around the competition obstacles better than I shoot, but nevertheless I enjoy it and it's good marksmanship practice. Not to mention it helps in my motivation for running and staying in shape.

My friend and I recently spent some time shooting and I was able to snag a few photos. I'm hoping to photograph a competition later this summer. Fingers crossed on that.

Other than that, I've been editing and retouching photos, practicing some video editing in Premiere Pro, and playing around in Photoshop. And of course, also trying to catch up on my books I'm reading... It's a list that never seems to quit growing.

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading. If you sign up as a site member, you will get a notification in your email about new blog posts. You can also follow me along on my Facebook page if you would rather.

Hope to see you back here soon.


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