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Cars, Coffee, and Cameras in Kansas City

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

If you follow car culture at all, you probably already know all about Cars and Coffee. Kansas City C&C is a great big get-together from all walks of automotive life. Meets are once a month on Saturday mornings and they are free to attend.

There’s usually a coffee/food truck on-site and sometimes a trailer full of sweet, tempting donuts. The great folks at Heartland Community Church in Olathe, KS, let us use their lot for the events.

There’s a little bit of something for just about everyone in the parking lot. Electric cars, rat rods, drift cars, supercars, muscle cars, motorcycles, and let’s not forget this RWB Porsche.


If one thing is for certain at C&C, you will see plenty of people taking photos. I mean, who doesn’t love photos of cool cars? You will see people running around with cameras, GoPro’s, gimbals, and microphones. I've even seen a drone flying around too.

I’m that guy, walking with a camera around my neck, dropping into a squat, and trying to photograph cars without bumping into people or other vehicles. You ever try to take photos with a donut and coffee in hand?

Most people, if they see you with a camera, are worried about getting in the way of a shot, but honestly, having folks in the photos doesn’t bother me. Yes, I'm there to photograph the cars, not you spilling a latte all over your shirt. However, it's important to note if you’re hoping to get a nicely staged photo of a car, with nothing else in frame, you’re probably going to be disappointed. Besides, you can create a really dynamic image with a group of people gathered around a car.

We're all enthusiasts to one degree or another. Preferences vary, but we're all out there to look, learn, and meet a lot of people excited about the automotive world.

I enjoy seeing the younger crowd taking photos or videos with their cameras and iPhone’s. It reminds me when I first became obsessed with cars and how later on, a photography hobby, turned into a full-blown passion.

Photography has pushed me deeper into the automotive industry I enjoy so much, and I owe part of that to KC Cars and Coffee for getting me off the starting line. I'm looking forward to the future and meeting more of you out there at the shows. A big thank you to all the people and sponsors that ensure these events continue to take place in our community. Head over to my contact page and let me know if you want a particular photo or just want to say hi.

Go follow Kansas City Cars and Coffee on Facebook at the link below.


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